Smart guys dating dumb girls

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Smart guys dating dumb girls - Nudecam sites for free and no registration

Such within-group variation is critical to prevention and intervention programs and this study answered the call of researchers to report specifically on the experiences of men who are hooking up.

The oft-cited “lie detector study” did not rise to statistical significance.It is my assumption that they pretty much service one another – if promiscuous men are getting with sexually inexperienced women, then the reverse must also be true, and this seems highly unlikely.My claim is derived from two primary sources of data:35% freshmen, 19% sophomores, 19% juniors, 11% seniors, 5% fifth year, 9% graduate students My claim that the promiscuous students are somewhat insular on campus has been hotly disputed here, primarily by males who believe that most if not all women will hook up with a player or cad if given the opportunity.The sluttiest guys are sluttier than the sluttiest girls.The only way that’s possible is if slutty guys are banging girls less slutty than themselves.In contrast, men’s frequency of hooking up does not diminish over time (Bogle, 2008).

For this reason, studies with equal numbers of students in each year are the most accurate, but they are also the most difficult to come by, as studies tend to include disproportionate numbers of freshmen.

“Because everybody else is hooking up you assume that they do it because they like it.

Whereas you know that you don’t like it that much, but you do it to go along,” Kahn explains.

Researchers surveyed 732 freshmen and 723 seniors and found that of the one-third in each grade that have had a hookup, less than half involved oral sex or vaginal intercourse.

The study also found that nearly 60% of the freshmen reported that they had never had sexual intercourse.

Sexual intercourse with someone once and only once: Males 40%Females 24%Sexual intercourse with someone known less than 24 hours: Males 29%Females 10%Received or performed oral sex with someone known less than 24 hours: Males 34%Females 9%A majority of studies on hooking up among college students included samples of both men and women.

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