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"Daddy, the power is out." I opened my eyes to see her silhouette in the darkness. A bolt of lightning must have landed very close to the house. Once again, I was naked, and she was in nothing but a night shirt. uhhhh - " And before I could say anything else, she had kissed her way up my neck, and stopped me mid sentence with a hot sexy kiss on my mouth. Our cocks rubbed against one another as she squirmed within my arms. But then I saw the outlines of her smile, "Ohhh Daddy. " She pulled her head back and looked at me with surprised eyes, "Yes master, I'm a dirty little whore.

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Kim cried often and I had no idea how to comfort her. I couldn't get enough of her and she wouldn't break it off. I picked her up without losing contact with her lips. We stripped ourselves naked while never stopping the dance of our tongues within our mouths.The mention of having been a boy clicked on something in my head. I let out a roar which seemed to scare her, but she couldn't get away with my cock buried in her warm little rectum. I grabbed her around the waist and vaulted to my feet. When she broke off the kiss, she pleaded with me, "Fuck me Daddy. Fuck your little girl who used to be your little boy." And that was it. Her skin was slightly darker, probably from her Vietnamese heritage. Eventually as she got more and more turned on, she went quiet with her beautiful mouth stretched into a little "o", with no sounds escaping. I then started savagely bouncing her up and down on my cock. In the middle of my orgasm I thought about how Kim had once been my son. She seemed to feel the squirts deep within her ass. You've made me a true woman." As I lowered her to the floor, exhausted, she went immediately to her knees and sucked my cock clean.

I started watching a lot of shemale and ladyboy porn on the internet. She moaned loudly and I felt something wet shooting up between us. As I came down from the orgasm and broke off the kiss, she cooed... I could only imagine what that tasted like since I'd been inside her ass. When she finished I collapsed on the bed and turned on the lamp at the bed stand. I grabbed her and started kissing her, and she melted into my arms. She scooted her back against the headboard and spread her legs. But here was 16 year old Kim lying in my arms for several nights and I kept getting erect. My Daddy loving me, caressing me, kissing me, possessing me. I unloaded my balls into her sweet little ass, one more time. Eventually she started singing some song in her native tagalog language. I carefully got out from underneath her without waking her and plodded into the kitchen. From the time he was a 10 year old boy until he was a brassy, smart 20 year old college girl. But if she still wanted to love in that special way, what would I want? As I pulled into the driveway I had made my decision. Even worse, I knew that she knew I was getting erect. Making me the woman I wanted to be since I was 4 years old." I couldn't take anymore. I made some coffee, and sat down at the kitchen table to think about what happened. " She reached up and squeezed hard on her little tit, and out popped a big drop of milk. Regardless of how I felt about our incest, it didn't change the love in my heart for her. I hurt the one person in the world that I never wanted to hurt. When it came time to take the puberty blocking drugs and hormones, I was the one footing the bill. Kim was always grateful for my role in her transition. I was too busy fucking her mom, who was one hot little tart. This was the new 3rd gender, and more and more people were accepting this around the world. The thought of some kid with a cock had never turned me on. My hot Daddy fucking me now that I'm an adult. Her head and long hair were draped across my chest, as she quietly breathed in and out during her sleep. If she would have me back, I resolved never to let her down, ever again. Kim slept in a long night shirt, but as she moved around in my arms, I could feel her girl cock pressing against my own hard on. I was on project in Manila and met Tina during a lunch break. She gently touched my eye with a look of concern, but then buried her face into my chest. You'll do it again because I'm a transsexual. I'll get you a white dress and make you my wife before God, and the state.