Connection between plate tectonics and dating fossils

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Connection between plate tectonics and dating fossils - review of online dating

The different boundaries between continents are associated with different types of geologic phenomena.In subduction zones, towering mountains are created as one plate is crammed under the other, with the one on top being forced upward.

Other fossil evidence for plate tectonics includes tropical plant fossils found in the Antarctic and glacial deposits in the arid Vaal River Valley in Africa.

Continental movement was the only viable explanation for the data.

Several years later, advances in seafloor mapping allowed researchers to discover ridges on the ocean floor with alternating magnetic orientations.

This discovery gave scientists the key to developing a mechanistic theory for continental movement.

The earth’s continents are a part of the Earth's crust, which floats over a layer of liquid rock called the mantle.

Have you ever looked at a map and thought that it looks like South America and Africa could fit together like jigsaw puzzle pieces?

If you did, you’d be right, because a long time ago they did fit together.Obviously, there probably weren't things on the planet calling it anything back then.Or, there were things back then, but not things that would actually go and try to label continents that we know of. To a large degree, it's kind of the most recent supercontinent.It wasn’t until the 1950s that scientists began to take it more seriously after advances were made in paleomagnetism.Magnetic material in molten rock aligns itself with Earth’s magnetic field, thus recording changes in the Earth's magnetic orientation.The boundaries between the continents are either divergent, convergent or transform boundaries.

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