My dbox not updating

30-Jan-2017 21:13 by 4 Comments

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The games and achievements concerned are as follows: Doom 2016Historian (97%)Every nook and cranny (96%)IDKFA (92%)Knee deep in the dead Wolf Among Us The Frog or the Prince? Wait at least ten seconds to allow the power supply's chip to reset. From the sound of things, though, I think you'll have to do a factory reset. Go here and select the option to reset but keep your games and apps:https://com/en-US/xbox-one/console/reset-consol...

If you play something you have problems with on a different console, you will force a synch between your account and the new console.

They do not know what causes the local and global data to lose synch.

The various techniques all involve giving the system some kind of kick to get the synch back.

I tried everything, factory reset, tried my account on different Xbox Ones, redownloaded my profile, hard reset, all of the things. What did eventually work (and may be coincidental) is that I physically unplugged the Xbox One overnight.

When I booted it back up again the next day, I was able to unlock achievements again.

This sounds like a problem that randomly afflicts certain users when their local and global data get out of synch. Someone had a problem similar or identical to yours.

You might find this thread helpful: I CANT UNLOCKED ACHIEVEMENTSThis has been randomly hitting people a lot in the last few days.

Even leaderboards and non achievement related stats were not updating.

I also cleared all local saves, before wiping my profile and downloading it again, followed by the factory reset.

Karen Joy: I am afraid to tell this one Tarragon but we only have a limited tools with regards to an achievements under the account as we have a best department that can handle it and this is the trueachievements department.

Karen Joy: In this case, your patience and deep understanding are very much appreciated I'm hoping you mean a TA rep internally at MS, because I know the site owner and many of the staff at TA, and there's not going to be anything they'll be able to do. Karen Joy: You can definitely use this link to contact their higher level or their representative who can manually put an achievements on your specific game.

What I consider disturbing is that Microsoft has checked the block to say, "This question is answered." The problem is not fixed. There is simply some good advice on what to do if you are victimized by the broken X1 achievement system.