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One little-known feature that is included with your Xbox Live subscription is video conferencing.Bryon Greene shows you more about this feature: how it works and whether it is really useful for your situation.

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When she calls me, I just click Answer in Windows Live Messenger.

She also found it too hard to log in, so I just keep it logged in at home as me and I log in as her when remote.

I asked some friends and over half said they do the same.

On top of that, the audio quality is amazing, even with people positioned 14 feet away from the Kinect sensor.

The panning and zooming to fit a group of people on the screen plus the good audio are what make this a viable option as a video conference application.

You can call from any of these screens, using your controller or your hands via Kinect. It uses a Digital Zoom to artificially pan/zoom to the face of the person speaking. The kids, ahem, connect more with the large system than the laptop. Either Video Kinect, the codec, or the camera sucks for quick quick action. Not sure if this is hardware or software, but it's pointed and reproducible. My wife was unable to do it and it takes too many button pushes.

It's very disjointed, inconsistent but more importantly, it doesn't allow you to really appreciate the wide field of view that the Kinect camera gives you. It's not a deal breaker, but it's clear that they've optimized for the "sit and chat" scenario, not the "watch the kids go insane" scenario. You have to press the center Guide button, then down to select the call notification from an Inbox that comes in like a game invite.However, Skype seems to have removed or hidden the auto-answer feature lately as they are constantly moving their features and options around.Plus, whenever I call home with Skype my wife has to drag out the laptop and with its camera's small field of view I usually just end up seeing the tops of the boy's heads. A few weeks ago I saw on Twitter that my Xbox 360 with Kinect supports Video Chat using an app called Video Kinect.However, I'm always trying to find out the best way to talk to The Wife and Kids when I'm on the road.I wrote an article a while back called Skyping the Wife: Foolproof Video Conferencing with Your Family While on the Road where I setup auto-answer for Skype so my wife wouldn't have to do anything.He is a failed stand-up comic, a cornrower, and a book author.