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It's not until page 72 of the textbook that we get something akin to a narrative of Singapore history between the 15th and 18th centuries. You are the appointed agency to manage my retirement fund, which comes from my monthly contribution from the day I started working.I had no options to self manage my fund, or to appoint better fund manager. Things turned a nasty corner when you begin to think it is rightful for you to dictate my retirement age and how to live my life.

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The Censor Board had earlier demanded Walt Disney to cut out a gay scene or risk barring the movie from screening in Malaysia.It markets itself as an app without banglas, maids, uglies (ugly people? The creator claims that there are no uglies in the app but puts himself in the app and rates himself in the 92th percentile. Is that what the best minds in singapore come up with?A racist, classist, sexist, elitist dating app that no one asked for?Time to do the right thing and get the THIS IS GROSS!!! Do not buy HILL' S Science Diet kibbles for your precious doggies!So I've 4 dogs at home & ive been giving them kibbles for the longest time.I must apologise for my lack of faith in you but that has been lost ever since you told me I would not be withdrawing my retirement fund at whatever age you decided, and the goal post is still shifting as we speak.

I entrusted my money in you because I was not given a choice.The lower secondary history syllabus is a pretty daunting introduction to the history of Singapore for a freshly minted Sec 1 student, I must say.As a historian and teacher, I can see much thought has gone into the syllabus, with interesting and innovative ideas such as how historians work with varied sources and historical concepts such as evidence and causation. Take a look at the page below which is cramped with 2 sources, background information, and suggestions for further reading.It is more than a privilege for you, an entitlement in fact. This is not a warning, just a simple advice from a friend. Grassroot volunteers have long been blessed with benefits such as free parking and priority to Primary schools within the estate.All these unfair benefits should be removed so that the volunteers we attract for the community are helping out for the right reasons.Remember the case of Yang Yin who was doing grassroots work for nefarious purposes?