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The Legacy of the Regime Albania’s cultural legacy, still rooted in the country, has not provided many positive contributions to women.The regime of former Stalinist dictator Enver Hoxha, who was in office from 8 November, 1941 until his death on 11 April, 1985, has reinforced the most traditional aspects of Albanian society: the sense of clan-family and sexuality bound by a sense of honor.

Usually falling between the ages of 18 and 30, these women have decided to put their past sexual relations behind them physically as they decide to ‘present themselves new’ as virgins to the man they have chosen to marry.Sexuality - Albanian Style Since the fall of Communism, the way young Albanians relate to each other has undergone radical changes as it has moved toward greater sexual freedom.Many sociologists have defined the phenomenon as a full “sexual revolution.” It is not comparable to the Western model though as it is devoid of Western based feminist features or left-wing political ideologies.“With this operation women are prone to infections and inflammations of different kinds.During the sexual act, the haemorrhage can be greater than normal and, in extreme cases, it can lead to the woman’s death,” the gynaecologist explains.The current ‘so-called’ sexual revolution in Albania finds women today in weaker socio-economic conditions compared to 20 years ago.

In an Albanian society that increasingly promotes values that are typically male and better suited for power politics and economic capitalism, women are often completely excluded from positions that include leadership or decision making.

Moral Gynaecology ‘Until the 1950s in Albania women felt like they had to ‘hang out a blood-stained sheet’ after the first wedding night to prove virginity to a husband, relatives and neighbors.

Today the pressure for women to be virgins in Albania society has returned.

This data however is in obvious contradiction with the ‘return to virginity’ trend.

Vocal public opinions of young men filling the Albanian blogosphere with statements about the ‘need for virginity’ seem to be inconsistent with the public Albanian data on sexuality and society.

Blogosphere, Virginity and Sexuality “I’d never marry one of the girls I’ve had, I wouldn’t trust them,” said a man who adds his comments on one of the numerous Albanian public forum threads on the subject.

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