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4-year-old boy, in foster to adoption placement with Larry and Hannah Overton, was forced to drink a mixture of water and Cajun spices as punishment.

The children were temporarily homeschooled until a school would be chosen. 13-year-old girl adopted by Alfreedia Gregg-Glover, disappeared on January 7, 2009.

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He also had head trauma as well as bruises and scratches.

Hannah Overton (nee Saenz) was convicted of capital murder and sentenced to life; Larry Overton pleaded guilty to criminally negligent homicide and is on 5 years probation.

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From 1968 to 1990 the Nasons adopted between 76 and 84 children, most of them having special needs, to form their "Celebration Family" or "Nason Nation". Eventually they formed their own school "Great Expectations".Adrianna Cram was born in Oregon, taken into state custody by Oregon at age 1, and sent to live in Mexico with her fathers relatives she'd never met when she was almost 4.She was to be adopted by her Aunt, Elizabeth Romero Marin and Uncle in Mexico.Irma, a Mexican immigrant, was charged with involuntary manslaughter. Her dead body was found two weeks later in a Woodbridge, Va, creek.Freedia Glover was later arrested for killing Alexis.21 days old premature infant shaken to death by adoptive father Bruce Keintz. Father Timothy Long was charged with second degree cruelty to children.(Connell Watkins was clinical director at ACE) One day in November 1990, Andrea returned to her foster home from school and reported to the TFPs that she had been sexually molested at school, which they regarded as typical “Attachment Disorder” behavior — false, manipulative, and attention-getting. She was in convulsions and delirious the next morning, but the TFPs did not attend her, and instead went bowling that afternoon.

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