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However, reducing the number of messages you keep in your inbox folder should improve the startup speed, help reduce the chance for corruption (if you regularly compact your folders) and decrease your memory usage.

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He hedged."That's a hard question to answer," he said.It defaults to false, which speeds up restoring the window.If you make a connection using a anti-spam proxy such as the free version of Mail Washer or use a anti-virus scanner consider disabling checking for new messages in Thunderbird, setting View - Plain Text, temporarily disabling those programs, and then restarting Thunderbird to see what effect not using those proxies has.Curtis Martin was forced out at 32 because of a chronic knee condition, one year after winning the NFL rushing title. An old offensive line coach named Tony Wise lit into Ferguson during a pass-blocking drill, questioning his intensity. Ferguson mauled the next few pass-rushers, unleashing a never-before-seen fury.Ferguson's longevity is somewhat ironic because, when he came out of Virginia in 2006, there were rumblings about his lack of passion for football. Afterward, Ferguson downplayed his stunning display on the field. Always cautious of the media, he measured every word, seemingly trying to avoid controversy.For 10 years, D'Brickashaw Ferguson showed up for work every day -- not just every Sunday, but Monday to Saturday too.

He never got hurt, never called in sick, never got in trouble, never made headlines outside the sports section. Because he never revealed any fire, he appeared almost robotic at times."I think there are a lot of factors go into answering a question like that.I think because I've played so much, it does make you wonder, 'Wow, is [CTE] potentially something that could happen to me?In Safari it was easy, it's in Preferences, but in Mail it was a bit buried - select the account, advanced tab, and then "don't keep copies of any messages".The preference you speak of, wasn't present in any recent (I checked back to Lion).He did his job -- and did it well -- but you always wondered if he truly loved football. Quietly competitive and ever the perfectionist, Ferguson saw what we all saw last season -- slippage in his game. Most of them continue to play, trying to squeeze as much money as possible out of their sport before it casts them aside. He could've accepted a pay cut from the New York Jets and stuck around for the year, adding another few million to his million in career earnings.

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