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Only give your new details to a small list of trusted friends.

Once photos are sent, there is no way to get them back, and once in cyberspace, they become a permanent part of a person's digital footprint.

The commissioner's website has a listing on Roblox, including information about its two chat modes for children, however has no particular advice warning against the game.

In a statement to the ABC, Commissioner Julie Inman Grant said there were "potential dangers for any child using apps or social media services with chat functionalities".

Be aware of your behaviour in these situations as others have phones too!

• Think about your future and how you want people to see you - a picture taken now can have the potential to damage relationships and your career down the track. • Don't feel pressured into sending texts you don't feel comfortable with - as with any sexual behaviour, you have the right to say 'no'.

• Harassing and threatening messages • Sending nasty SMS, IM's pictures or prank phone calls • Using person's screen name or password to pretend to be them • Forwarding others' private emails, messages, pictures or videos • Posting mean or nasty comments or pictures • Sending sexually explicit images - 'sexting' • Intentionally excluding others from an online group • Do not be angry with your child - remember that they are the victim and it is someone else doing the wrong thing • Praise them for coming to you - this is a big step as most children are frightened to tell a parent about cyberbullying • Save and store the emails, chat logs or SMS's in case of Police investigation • Help your child to block and delete the bully from all contact lists • Do not respond to nasty emails, chats, SMS or comments - this is what the bully wants so ignore them.

(They will need your help to do this) • Use the 'report abuse' button which all websites/applications have.

• You are found to have this kind of photo or video on your phone or other device eg: PC, i Pod • You forward this kind of photo or video onto others There are some things that both young people and parents can do to make sure mobiles are used safely.

• Don't send nude or semi-nude photos of yourself to others and don't forward any sent to you • If you receive a sexually explicit text or photo, delete it immediately and don't forward to anyone else.

Tell them the problems you are having and they are obligated to investigate.

• Have some 'down time' without computer or mobile (do not do this as punishment, rather as some peaceful time where they are not being bothered) • If unwanted contact continues, consider deleting email, msn, hotmail etc and start a new account.

This means that they can forever be linked to that person and without doubt will resurface when least expected such as a job interview.

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