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It is within the realm of possibility that I'll eventually come back to this and finish it, but probably not likely. I did finish it, but had the same issues with it as you did. It's all "baby, baby, baby" and "tight cowboy butts" from that point on. I'm really picky about westerns though, so I may be judging too harshly. I can appreciate erotica for the sake of erotica, and there was plenty of that in this book. I'll admit, the phrase "come on my cock" casts a magical lady boner spell over me. Of course, Les and Randy begin to have feelings for one another.

The sex was repetitive, same-old, same-old and frankly down-right boring.

As I've said many times before, I cannot enjoy a book if I can't emotionally connect to the characters or the story. This is the first of their published works I've read and I plan to read many more. He likes to collect and rescue broken horses and people. I was tempted to give up but powered through because of a challenge. this book missed the mark & I gave up after reading 50% of it. I just checked Amazon to see when I purchased this book & the price has dropped by to 99c ... I sure wouldn't want my friend - who has not-so-secret hots for my boyfriend - frequently visit us. Randy's father will have nothing to do with him because he's gay.

And I cannot emotionally connect to one dimensional characters, which was the case here. I read several stories they posted there and loved their writing. The true meaning of "home", finding it and acceptance no matter what imperfections you have. There is another story, titled Home of His Own , about one of the secondary characters. He meets Randy (broken cowboy) and they go from exchanging scowls to boners and instalove in the matter of a few pages. No Going Home is the story of Les, a super perfect, rich cowboy who had suffered a massive injury. I know the second book from the series is about him and I intend to read it, so I'll try to abstract from my impression, because he's a good character per se, I just don't like him with Les and Randy. Of course, Les and Randy begin to have feelings for one another.

Les's accident has shown him that the most valuable treasures are usually found under an imperfect surface, and his reputation for taking in strays starts to grow. Bottom line: this book had potential but the lack of angst/action made it boring for me. This was an angel for me and I can't be happier that I read it.

But it's o Six years ago, a hoof to the head ended Leslie Hardin's show-jumping career and his relationship with the man he loved. It's sad because I really liked both Les and Randy; I even enjoyed the extended cast of characters (I hope Tony gets his HEA). I, for one, would have liked a little more angst or action or umph or something. Ingela wrote: "I have now read half the book and agree with you completely. Randy and Les worked well together and it was nice seeing the two of them interact. I really enjoyed this read and it was one of my favourites for a long time with memorable characters and the right amount of story and romance.

Sometimes too much sex becomes boring and repetitive (Oh no it doesn't ...... Lol ) but I had no problem whatsoever with it in this book ! Les is a lovely character he's generous, kind and open minded to a fault and Randy is endearing and surprisingly sensitive considering he's a tough rodeo rider. Not much could be said without giving too much away. Margie and Tammy were funny and added some good female characters to the story.

As a couple they are just perfect and boy do they sizzle! A lot of m/m has bad female secondary's and it can get weary after a while.

The magic in this story comes from the chemistry and connection that the two main guys generate. I love a story about unconventional families and family life in general. But the story was pretty much: sex, squirt, cuddle, ranch stuff ... And also a first together in the way of love being reciprocated. They were alike in a lot of ways and had experiences in different areas which made them a great couple and helped build up an actual story.

These two can hardly keep their hands off each other so there's plenty of hot *Yee Ha* action but at the same time because of the palpable feeling that grows steadily from attraction through to love as the book progresses, its also very tender, very sensual and really romantic ! There were quite a few villains in this and they were well portrayed, that is all I will say about them.

Also he is as screwy as an abused thoroughbred, and he has to learn to trust once again, or even better to start trusting somebody.

At first Randy is the one, rejected by his family and society, looking for shelter in Les arms.

Everything was way too black and white - the good guys were flawless, the bad guys were evil, and there was no in between. I read almost half of the book and found it almost painfully dull. I was tempted to give up but powered through because of a challenge. Chase's books on the 'buy with caution' shelf rather than the 'automatic purchase' shelf ... With No Going Home, I felt as if I had been dumped into the story half way through the book ... there was so much background & character building missing from the first half of the story that I became frustrated with the leaps of intuition I had to make to gloss over the plot holes ... Chase's writing and I love cowboys, so I thoroughly enjoyed this story :)Very sympathetic characters, not much angst, enough background details - I really liked it. I mean it's not that I hated him or something, but in my opinion he's like a third wheel in Les and Randy's relationship and though he's a loyal friend and wouldn't make a move on Les, his presence on the ranch still feels kinda uncomfortable for me.

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