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Commit to spending time with supportive others/a counsellor to properly do this.Change your language so that acceptance of the trans person is not contingent on their potential embodiment.

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Introducing a trans person by their old pronoun or name can be a selfish act of avoidance "cis" people engage in when they aren't brave enough to confront gender norms.

It effectively sends a message of shame and fear to a potential trans identified person. Explore the resistance you have to talking about your partner's transness with trusted friends, or a counsellor.

How can you be supportive while dealing with your own complicated feelings? Explore all the facets of fear of loss, change, and assumptions about identity you may have.

Do not project your grief onto your partner as a way to manipulate the steps they may take to come into themselves wholly.

4) Claiming the language used by trans people to own their bodies is offensive.

It is based in a sense of shame and fear of being "othered" along with the trans person. Stand up for your trans loved one and deal with the consequences accordingly by putting people in their place if they have a shitty response.

Standing in solidarity with trans people sends the signal to others that transphobia is not okay.

Acceptance of the trans person and risk of abandonment become tied to whether or not that person desires surgery as a form of embodiment.

Acknowledge your feelings around the potential loss of relationship and particular meaning associated with your significant other's body parts.

Example: You tell your partner/family member/friend you would like to use a new pronoun/name. Sometimes they will complain about how difficult it is to use your new pronoun/name.

Sometimes they agree to use your new pronoun/name and continue to introduce you to anyone and everyone by the old pronoun/name. Most of the time they do not even acknowledge their disrespect.

Quite often, people don't even have a problem with it!

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