Bob guccione jr dating

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Bob guccione jr dating

“She expected a fight, but we agreed on most issues, but then she realized we weren’t misogynist and sexist, and that we were much more thoughtful.”Such commendably high-minded sentiments, however, did not transform the workplace culture at Spin into a woman-nurturing utopia; indeed, it wasn’t much different from that of other music magazines where overworked, ill-paid young male editors and female writers and interns, their hormones raging, toiled in close quarters and frequently hooked up—with Guccione himself hardly one to embrace celibacy or shun the occasional office romance.

I am not, and have never been arm candy for Bob Guccione Jr.Junior managed to round up outside investors and kept the magazine afloat.The unseemly episode prompted an estrangement which lasted more than a decade. 1956Birthplace: New York City Gender: Male Religion: Roman Catholic Race or Ethnicity: White Sexual orientation: Straight Occupation: Relative, Business Nationality: United States Executive summary: Spin magazine's ex-publisher Launched the music magazine Spin in 1985 with a 0,000 loan from his father, Penthouse publisher Bob Guccione.Two years later, dad attempted to wrest editorial control over the magazine and wound up walking away from the venture.They would no more have touched college radio than they would have touched an open jar of Ebola.” Spin, by contrast, was championing hip-hop groups like Public Enemy, punk musicians like the Beastie Boys, and barely known acts like the Smiths, R. M., U2, Nick Cave, and Nirvana; Guccione says he became a close friend and surrogate older brother to the doomed Kurt Cobain.“We were in an editorial meeting, and people were talking about, ‘What do we think about Tina Turner? “And I said ‘No no no no, I want to know where Ike is, because I grew up listening to Ike and Tina Turner, and it was very clear that Ike was the musical genius.’”The resulting August 1985 piece, “What’s Ike Got to Do with It?

”—in which the elusive legend recalled his famed partnership with his ex-wife and attempted to justify physically abusing her—inaugurated Guccione’s current series of 30 classic Spin articles.

One memorable incident began with Spin printing the interview contract for Guns n' Roses.

That earned the magazine's publisher a call-out in their song "Get in the Ring": Bob Guccione Jr.

“I used to work very late into the night in those days, and I’d go around the office fishing the tape cassettes out of the wastepaper baskets that people on the staff had thrown away,” he says.

“And one of them was Sinead O’Connor’s The Lion and the Cobra,” her 1987 debut album.

At one point in The Daily Beast feature interview with magazine founder Bob Guccione Jr., the topic of a certain ex-girlfriend comes up: “It was shtick when I knew her,” he says of his ex-girlfriend’s penchant for provoking liberals with outrageous remarks.

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