Excel saga dating sim

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Excel saga dating sim

" He has little patience for Excel, often assigning complex operations to Hyatt.While presented as a mostly dark and serious character in the original manga, the anime lightens the tone with the recurring gag that, despite all his scheming, Il Palazzo really has nothing to do while Excel and Hyatt are out on missions: he is often seen pursuing surprisingly ordinary hobbies like learning to play the guitar and arranging domino blocks.

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Il Palazzo, on the other hand, views Excel as a necessary annoyance who is to be killed as required, or at least dropped through a Trap Door into an oubliette, when she gets out of hand.Interleaved into all three plotlines and running along on a fourth one of its own are the adventures of Nabeshin, the Marty Stu/Parody Sue and self-insert character of director Shinichi Watanabe, who can best be described as Shaft reincarnated as an Asian guy wearing a Lupin III costume.The series is adapted from the original manga by Koshi Rikdo, but only very loosely; this is actually the core gag of the anime, with pre-title sequences that feature Rikdo giving, or being violently coerced into giving, his permission for his creation to be warped, twisted and re-imagined into a completely different genre every episode.If it weren't for the frequent interventions of the Great Will of the Macrocosm, Il Palazzo would be going through minions like Kleenex.Excel's partner is Hyatt, a frail, beautiful alien girl given to bouts of coughing up horribly poisonous blood and frequent, brief attacks of death.She is in quick succession impossibly lucky and impossibly unlucky, but she never manages to complete a mission without help, and even her successes are usually attained by happenstance. She displays a schoolgirl crush towards Il Palazzo that borders on fanatic obsession, even going as far as to converse with a picture of him while home alone.

For an extended period of time in later volumes of the manga, Excel suffers from memory loss, and lives with the Shiouji family under the assumed name, Teriha Shiouji, while Ropponmatsu, disguised as Excel herself, takes her place in the ACROSS ranks. Lord Il Palazzo often prefaces his orders and speeches by proclaiming, "The world is corrupt!

Despite numerous threats, Excel comes to care for her after a fashion.

Hyatt, though, more intently views Menchi as a ration.

In the manga, Menchi gains an apparent ally in Elgâla, only for her to come to view the dog as an emergency food supply as well.

Several anime and manga plots, notably episodes ten and nineteen, revolve to some extent around Menchi, her past, and her quest to escape Excel.

is Excel's frail junior officer, with a tendency to cough huge amounts of blood, drop dead and suddenly spring back to life in quick succession.