Whos dating queen latifah

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Whos dating queen latifah

” Rumor mills suggest that it is none other than Paula Patton, singer Robin Thicke’s ex-wife.This rumor has gained momentum ever since the pair attended the Hollywood premiere of the film Perfect Match.

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Now that she has been spotted with several different women, the question on everybody’s lips is “Who is Queen Latifah’s girlfriend?Today, she wears multiple hats as a songwriter, rapper, model, actress, music producer, television producer, talk show host, and comedian.While winning acclaim and Grammy awards for her music albums, Latifah has had an exceedingly fertile career as an actress.The last time Latifah was in the news for her personal life was when she split with then girlfriend Eboni Nichols.Fans who have been following Queen Latifah’s dating time line believe that she spent a year being involved with Nichols before splitting from her in late 2015.Latifah, whose real name is Dana Elain Owens, is an amazingly talented artist.

She started out as a singer later branched out into other industries as she gained confidence in her abilities.

She sang about relationship problems, harassment of women, and domestic violence.

Yet, she never forgot to make her music catchy and accessible to all listeners.

She was born in New Jersey to a teacher mother and a police officer father.

When she was 10 years old, her parents divorced, and Latifah’s peaceful world was shattered forever.

Though she is better known as a comic actress for her roles in movies like Taxi, Bringing Down the House, Barbershop 2: Back in Business, and Hairspray, Latifah packs a heavy punch as a serious actress as well.