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Subsequently, she had an on-screen rivalry with The Kat, managed The Radicalz stable, and worked as a host and interviewer.


In the early years of her career with the WWF, she managed her (then) real-life husband Dustin Runnels (known on-screen as Goldust) and was a member of the Pretty Mean Sisters alliance.

She also managed both The Hardy Boyz and Edge and Christian following the Terri Invitational Tournament in 1999.

After leaving the wrestling business, Runnels became involved in philanthropic work.

She debuted as a coolly unconcerned and indifferent manager.

With her cigar-smoking, seductive, nonchalant and mysterious gimmick, she acted as the manager of her then real-life husband Dustin, who was wrestling under the gimmick of Goldust.

During a feud between Goldust and Triple H over the Intercontinental Championship, on February 16, 1997 at In Your House 13: Final Four, Marlena was choked by Chyna, who debuted as a plant from a ringside seat and later became the bodyguard for Triple H.Nestled in the rolling hills of North Mississippi and just an hour south of Memphis, the city of New Albany, Mississippi is a charming little city known for its antique stores, vibrant downtown and friendly people.People have been coming here for years to shop at our galleries, independent clothiers, boutiques, jewelers and speciality shops.In late 1999, Runnels arranged the Terri Invitational Tournament, a best-of-five series, between Edge and Christian and The Hardy Boyz, with the winner receiving her managerial services and the sum of 0,000.During this time, she also became the backstage interviewer on Raw and began to wrestle occasionally.Get Free Access to Local Men and Women Who are Looking for Friendship and Platonic Love With Someone Like You.

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