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Frelivesex dont sing up - chemistry match dating

But when years have passed, you realise it ended a long time ago."Unbelievably, her poor, unsuspecting husband is not only unaware of her plans to leave him.

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– She asked, reaching for his instrument from the box?

I wouldn't want to blow that apart, and I certainly wouldn't want the burden of being a single parent."I know from taking the kids on holiday on my own once when Hal was working that having sole responsibility for them is exhausting."So what of her sexual history?

It seems that Carrie wasn't always this uninterested in sex.

He's an unusually kind and tolerant man." Indeed he must be.

Certainly, once the first flush of love and lust gives way to familiarity, domesticity and parenthood, few would argue that making love is the wanton adventure it was. She believes that marriage and motherhood are simply not conducive to having a sex life at all."Providing a stable home for children is totally incompatible with having an exciting sex life.

She insists not."There's a general understanding between us that I'm keeping the family unit together," she says.

"Children need to be brought up by parents in a monogamous marriage. But, if the constant cliches in women's magazines and chick-lit are to believed, we should all be enjoying prowess in the boardroom and swooning every night in the bedroom."It's the great taboo that no one dares admit - that sex is often a let-down."So convinced is Carrie that her experience of sex in marriage - initially pleasant, dwindling to nothing at all after having children - is a universal one that she has just written a book, under an assumed name, highlighting the disappointment of her sex life."It's a sort of 'Frigid Jones' Diary'," she laughs, though she is not joking. Sex frequently isn't the chandelier-swinging experience that certain authors would have us believe is every woman's rite of passage."For me, the sense of being special to Hal faded away just as it did with previous boyfriends. 'Scroll down for more..."Now I believe there are thousands of other married women who would love to admit sex isn't all it's cracked up to be.A Cambridge graduate, she was raised in Yorkshire, the only child of teacher parents whose marriage, she says, "was pretty dull".She and Hal were introduced by friends when they were both 33, and she admits that they "clicked brilliantly"."I gave up my career, breast-fed each child for a year and spent my days in a dizzy whirl of playgroups and coffee mornings."I'd flipped from wife to mother, and it gave me excuses - often genuine - to cold-shoulder my husband's sexual advances.

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    Bachelor #2, Randy, was very obviously from the get go just looking for uncomplicated fun.