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My body is the only Ferrari I will ever have, and the Norman Parathyroid Center is the Ferrari dealer of parathyroid glands! During the past several years, it gradually increased to 11.0. Norman and Lopez removed a parathyroid tumor and also a second gland that was not dormant as it should be in the presence of an adenoma. When patients go to Tampa, not everybody has family members who can come with us.

I had a photo of the "punk parathyroid gland" that was making me sick. I go to sleep when I go to bed and I sleep soundly all night. Norman and Lopez, and everyone who is a part of your incredible team!

These are great surgeons in their own right, but nobody can do what Dr Norman and his partners can. My ignorance left me suffering for years ignoring my slightly abnormal calcium and having lots of other explanations for my other symptoms... You all do great work..are helping so many people, I am very grateful and will continue to share my experience with my patients, when appropriate, and others... I know that "finding a doctor on the internet" seems like a "new fangled way" of handling things. The personal attention, clear communications, and caring treatment I received far exceeded my experiences with any other doctors.

This week (January 2012) I saw him perform 13 parathyroid operations the day he operated on me. It has been four months since my surgery (January, 2013), but I wanted to let you know how thankful I am to you and all your wonderful staff for giving me my life back. I would wake up all the time with pain and had been taking lots of Tylenol and Motrin nightly. I would suggest, however, that in this modern age when we bank on line, invest on line, and even attend universities on line, it is consistent that we would find our medical experts this way, as well. I am so happy about what he did for me and for my future. Living in San Diego with its plentiful medical facilities, I never expected I would need to go elsewhere for medical treatment.

But as I dug further it was clear that you were trying to convey as much information as possible in as clear a fashion as possible. I consulted with a good friend, Dr Jeffrey Kelman, the Chief Medical Doctor for Medicare, and he encouraged me to visit you. My wife, Jane and I, enjoyed a great dinner just hours after the operation, and the recovery is going just as you described. I have a hormone producing tumor and it is ruining my life (and slowly killing me it turns out).

There is nobody better and it is clear why so many people from all over the world come to see you. Knowing that I had to "get the tumor out of my neck that was killing me" (taken from the music video which is AMAZING! I'm a doctor and know that not all doctors are trustworthy or talented. However, the dozens of testimonials online (this page) seemed a little hard to believe.

Finally, at age 69, I made a solo trip to the Norman Parathyroid Center and I want to share my incredible experience. I lost interest in many things that I used to enjoy, primarily because I was so tired. I had been diagnosed with osteoporosis in 2002 and this condition continued to worsen though I was taking calcium and Fosamax. As many patients report, everything you read on the web site is true. They are listed on the web site and you get a discount.

My physicians had told me that my calcium was just a little high and could not possibly cause me any problems. When I checked in, the hotel receptionist said, “Oh, you are here to see Dr. ”Then she began to talk about how wonderful he and the other doctors are. ” The hotel will arrange your transportation to Tampa General Hospital.That's where they all go for their second operation." That was enough for me.I'd rather go there for my first operation instead of my second.I'm going to end my story here and let you read more of the stories on this page (I wrote this so Jim would get it put online to help and encourage others). Everybody that can get to Tampa for their surgery does so. The nonsense of saying that “we will keep an eye” on your high calcium level is simply another way of saying that you can continue feeling bad and having a host of nasty symptoms that will get worse.People from all over the world were there on the day I was there. Be smart, and as Jim says: "Take your Ferrari to the Ferrari dealer". Detroit, Michigan, Educator In my early 60’s, I had calcium in the 9’s. If you have high calcium, you absolutely need to consult with the expert doctors in Tampa.I know lots of other surgeons who perform parathyroid surgery. Norman and spoke very highly of him..."he's the parathyroid guru" they all said. Norman on the telephone so that he could address many of the questions that I had. Norman and I e-mailed each other many times so that he could assess all of my concerns. Norman, Boone, Mitchell and Lopez, I want to express my heartfelt thanks for the treatment you provided me (August, 2015).