Vb6 datagrid row cannot be located for updating

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Vb6 datagrid row cannot be located for updating - Usa sex jasmin cams chat

Every time user adds a node and the treeview has, say, 10 nodes, it is taking 10-20 seconds ! My problem is, this Requery process is painfully slow.

Normally, record values are assigned to textboxes for edit then assign the values back to the fields for updating, is it possible that that causes the error?

Hi all, anybody please help me, I am using VB to access mysql, I keep getting this error 'row cannot be located for updating=2E some values may have been changed since it was last red=2E' when editing a record, the odd thing is I don't get this error when editing other records from the same table=2E this is my connection string "DATABASE=3DDBNAME; Driver=3D; OPTION=3D3; PWD=3Dpassword; PORT=3D3306; SERV ER=3Dserver ip; UID=3Dusername" thanks very much in advance!

mick yes, i used My SQLQuery Brower to retrieve the data and can even update it.

Hi All I make this connection between My SQL database and my VB6 application in database this column , ID----Name-----USERID---- some time i need to change all user ID number column , this code i write Dim f I As Long 'On Error Go To t: Adodc2. also END IF I wrote by mistake , if i have 10 records , it will give error in first editing record , it will not reach to 10 , when it will happen to me , 1- add new record "Yes it work " 2- edit the record "yes it work , only the first time" 3- update adodc 4- if now I need to update the record i will see this error ..

Connection String = "Provider=MSDASQL.1; Persist Security Info=False; Data Source=test" Adodc2. regards and thanks in advanc e Well a few things here. You do not need to execute a move first when you have just opened a recordset since it is already at the first record it is just a waste of code.

Some values may have been changed since it was last read." The same code was working with SQL 2000 !!!

In the following code I'm recursively saving current vieworder of a Treeview's nodes to a Access2000 db. (The original code was for saving treeview vieworder in a text file. I don't have very much experience in database programming. Well there's two possible issues I can think of, the first is that . If this thread is finished with please mark it "Resolved" by selecting "Mark thread resolved" from the "Thread tools" drop-down menu. Update when you quote a post could you please do it via the "Reply With Quote" button or if it multiple post click the "'' " button then "Reply With Quote" button. The client side is vb6 and using Dcom dll's hosted on the db server. I have a table which has oninsert trigger When the recordset is updated in the com class it throws the foll error : "Row cannot be located for updating. Error Description: Row cannot be located for updating.

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