Ashley tisdale zac efron dating pictures

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Ashley tisdale zac efron dating pictures

Zac Efron and Ashley Tisdale play around on the beach during Ashley's 26th birthday party in Malibu.

Cast Reflects on Surprise Disney Smash ET spoke with Tisdale in January about the cast's close friendships.

Zac Efron and Ashley Tisdale play around on the beach during Ashley's 26th birthday party in Malibu. Ashley and Zac are so not an item, however: She's been dating Scott Speer since April 2009. Tisdale tweeted today: "Had such a great birthday party yesterday!

Zac surprised Ashley with a piggyback ride down to the water for a quick swim. I'm so lucky to have such amazing friends, family, and man in my life!

During the festivities, the actress joked around on the beach with co-star and friend Zac Efron, one of many guests, including Tisdale’s boyfriend, Scott Speer.

Tisdale was excited to have Efron there, tweeting, “So happy Zacary made it to my party!!! ” But outlets including Hollywood Life assume there’s something more sinister to it, wondering whether Tisdale’s “cozy” behavior was “betraying” her friend and Efron ex Vanessa Hudgens.

The answer (one I know you’re all dying to hear) is NO.

About one hour ago (please don’t make assumptions that we creepily stalk Twitter accounts), Tisdale took to her Twitter and said: Don’t believe all pictures.

(Pacific Coast News)more pics Ashley Tisdale splashed in the waves with her former co-star and best bud Zac Efron over the weekend, and, of course, the friendly stars sparked some serious dating rumors in doing so.

The pictures show Zac giving the actress a piggyback ride in the water, and the two laughing and smiling together.

Ashley Tisdale and longtime BFF Zac Efron looked like a heckuva lot more during a birthday beach outing in Malibu Saturday.

The two "High School Musical" stars have long insisted they are noting more than the best of buds thanks to the years spent making the hit Disney films, but their waterside PDA suggested something more might be going on.

And how do you think Vanessa Hudgens would feel about that?

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