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I cannot say more without completely ruining this movie for you, but I would strongly advise you to watch it. When you randomly see two Chinese people and a couple of Latinos inserted into the movie, that's when you realize that the movie is aiming to be some kind of Benetton ad! Now I see why it was nominated for "Best Comedy" at the Golden Globes.It is hard to take this movie seriously with that casting and the wafer thin plot.

In this week’s podcast Felicia King, a technology and privacy expert, makes the case that we need a whole new approach to personal privacy. King argues that this level of vigilance is the price we must pay to guard against new forms of 21st-century tyranny.I was hoping I had a SIM card in my brain that exploded half way through the movie. It's probably because it is derived from a comic book and comic book geeks will lap up anything that lets them flaunt their comic book affiliations. I hope you see that love and laughter uplifts while pride and righteousness only perpetrates violence.I hope you realize that nothing justifies killing another human being.The quickly made TV documentaries after kidnapped victims are rescued (as in the case of Elizabeth Smart or Amanda Berry) look like Oscar winning stories in contrast and are actually watchable. I felt cheated by this movie because not all the women in the movie appear topless.It runs for 90 minutes, pretending there is a plot, when there isn't as made obvious by the title of the movie itself. The plot unfolds, not by things happening during the film, but by revealing glimpses of the traumatic past of the lead characters and how they have chosen to deal with them. Jessica Chastain still has the same expression she had when chasing Bin Laden in Zero Dark Thirty.

There are no jump scares, no ominous music getting suddenly louder, no blood and gore, but this undertone of something not feeling right grips you slowly but surely.This would range from erecting strong defenses to protect our online identity and using specially secure cell phones, to paying only in cash, being careful at medical offices, not letting our banks know us too well, exercising caution with copy machines, foregoing discount cards at grocery stores, and establishing relationships only with retailers we trust. Often times, you doubt whether this movie really does have a big reveal or is it just playing on your own sense of paranoia. Danny Glover is some hotshot scientist who is great with numbers.How do I write more to make this review long enough to fit 10 lines? The Kill-Bill-esque martial art fights with the diabolic moll. A do or die boot camp filled with dangerous assignments.Gosh, I think I am putting more thought into this review than the scriptwriters did. Ridiculous choice of music when the sh*t hits the ceiling - "Freebird" by Lynnrd Skynnrd and "Baby give it up" by KC & the sunshine band. ) But the script drawls on for over two hours making it neither slick nor entertaining. Samuel Jackson is atrocious as the lisping villain who serves burger and fries.Michael Caine has never been this wasted in any other movie as he has been in this one. The story line is weak and should have ideally ended at 75 minutes, but it goes on for nearly an hour more.

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