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She could feel her body tensing, her orgasm building up as each stroke of her own pussy produced more lubricant, turning her crotch into a moist furnace.

It was the month after she'd just turned 18, and he was there for her high school's volleyball game."Wow, that was intense," she thought to herself as she closed her eyes, wondering if somewhere back up in Orange County, a mere hour's drive north, her father was also doing the same.Little did she know that by the time she settled in and began exploring herself, her father, Marc, had already orgasmed while thinking about her, and that he was still sitting in her old room, holding a pair of her panties in hand -- a pair of panties soaked with his own cum from his orgasm, about to masturbate again thinking about his own daughter. It no longer mattered that 18-year-old Alexa was sliding her hand down her stomach, making circles with the tips of her fingers as she approached her thighs, entirely skipping over her smoldering crotch to tease herself, letting the build-up and feeling last as they long as they might. That's what drove her, and for two hours, the anticipation had built up.With her fingers at her inner-thighs, the University of San Diego freshman teased herself, inch by inch dragging her fingers closer back up toward her crotch. Out of nowhere, it'd sprung up like a spring flower, taking her by surprise, and though it was uncomfortable at first, she'd somehow embraced it, and now, was determined to release the tension and desire that'd built within.Settling her finger in the middle of her slit, now moist and secreting both heat and a warm clear substance, she guided her finger upward, sending thousands pleasurable waves through her clit and up her spine, as her finger came in contact with her clit, gently pushing her hips up in the process as she closed her eyes. Not quick, but slow and gentle at the beginning, until she finally gave in.

"Ugh," she gasped, as her finger traveled back down and parked itself at the entrance of her pussy, which her teenage juices drenching the pink, tiny opening. Be realistic even if it's only a fantasy, she reminded herself as she pushed, deepening the tip of her finger into the warmth of her teenage pussy and letting out another gasp as all the pleasurable nerves sent signals up her spine and toward her brain at the same time.

"Ahhh," she whispered aloud as her masturbatory fantasy continued, increasing the speed with which she manipulated her clit as she imagined her father doing the same. This was how he would seduce her for the first time. "Agghh," she breathed out deeply as her finger pushed down on her clit and circled, leaning back as the familiar feeling approached her. For the first time in her life, she was masturbating and thinking about her own father, and although deep down inside, she knew there would be guilt after she orgasmed, she didn't care.

All Alexa cared at the moment was reaching her orgasm as her hips bucked.

Despite enjoying the quietness and personal time that he and Jill now had with Alexa gone, and more time to explore their robust sex life, the Army colonel missed his daughter dearly, and brought the mouse over her name as he clicked on it. " "Good as good can be, I suppose," Marc typed, stopping for a second before continuing. "I am 44, Alexa, it's a once-a-night thing for me." Witty and often quick with a response, a trait she inherented from both parents, Alexa began typing as soon as she saw his response, deciding to further push the limits, even if only innocently.

"Wow, a Thursday night and you're not out drinking? " he smiled as he hit Enter to begin yet another conversation with his daughter. "Mom is leaving for a business meeting tomorrow for several days, so she's sleeping. " Although she knew that her mother was often out of town and that her father had gotten used to it over the 20-year marriage, Alexa couldn't help teasing as she began typing her reply,determined to tease her father, knowing they had a wonderful sex life and still loved each other just as the day they got married. "Ahh, but when you were 43, it was, like, 5 times a day, right? "It wasn't as if I couldn't hear you guys." Marc stopped for a moment to consider his daughter's response.

It was the break the family needed, and one Marc was happy to accept, as it allowed him to be home each night with his family, rather than the off-and-on deployments that have plagued them ever since Alexa was born.