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Alexminus is a writer, amateur businessman and a financial ronin.He believes that USA is the Rome of modern world and the rest are just provinces and that true freedom can only come by losing the desire to prove oneself to others.

This usually leads to constant heckling, abrupt cuts and an all-out poisonous environment. All of us deep in our hearts want titillation, deeds of valor or anything which would add spice to our mundane life, but the problem is when we make things up to fill that void.You also have to let go of the need to cast yourself as the hero or winner of the story or claim a moral victory when the facts suggest clear defeat or surrender. These are protocols that I suggest would be useful for the manosphere, especially when the manosphere is taking the leap from internet to the real world and various meet ups are inevitably arranged.In the end I would like to tell all readers that conversations over time will be much less stressful and productive once the audition mentality is gone.Now this one is a little more nuanced than a simple ‘thou shalt not’.Genuine light banter is almost always a part of any healthy conversation and there almost always develops a pecking order in any group which has been together for any length of time.The saddest part in the whole story is that there is no judge or a reward to be given for “winning” the conversation The tendency of people to lapse into an audition mode as soon as there is a conversation through non-stop talking is what I would call the Audition Conversation.

And as with so many other things this is an American export which as the Rome of modern world decides the culture in the provinces.The rule that I follow is simple: only mock people whose mockery you can laugh off.Take special care not to use the mockery method of getting more air time when meeting new people.My uncle is a brain surgeon in the US and my father is a first generation immigrant living in a Third World country where he raised a family.They were talking about stuff that I did not find particularly interesting however what struck me was the way the conversation went about.I no longer try to drag on a conversation when it gets tiring and usually leave when there is nothing to talk about or I derive no further utility from the company of the other person.