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People often complain of not fitting well either as an introvert or extrovert, and thus some claim "ambiversion".I and a few others out there have thought of ways to try to allow this in the type code.

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If we say "XJ", is that between TJ and FJ, or between NJ and SJ?

X remains for the third (T/F) slot; A, for "ambiversion" is the first slot, and "Y" is the fourth (J/P) slot.

For familiarity sake, when using all four letters, I will use the X's, but when abbreviating with two or three letters, I will use the other letters.

The same applies to their shadow.) ANBM -- Xx, Xx [N] Xx, Xx [s] (I/E not static, otherwise same as INBM.) ARFM -- Xx, Xx [F] Xx, Xx [T] (J/P not static, otherwise same as ARFJ.

Somewhere in first block is Fe or Fi, somewhere in second is Ti or Te.

Exact position subject to change.) Here are the rest, but most without the functions: 13 ERBM 14 ENBM 15 ENFM 16 ERBJ [S&N]e/[T&F]e- 17 ENBJ 18 ERFJ 19 ERBP 20 ENBP 21 ERFP 22 IRBP 23 INBP 24 IRFP 25 ARBP 26 ANBP 27 ARFP 28 INTM 29 ARTJ [S&N]e/i(Sa/Na)-Te 30 IRTJ 31 ANTJ 32 ARTM 33 ENTM 34 ERTJ 35 ERTP 36 IRTP 37 ARTP 38 ISBM 39 ISBJ 40 ASBM 41 ESBM [S/T/F]e 42 ESFM 43 ESBJ 44 ESBP 45 ISBP 46 ASBP 47 ISTM 48 ASTJ 49 ISTJ 50 ASTM -[S/T]e- 51 ESTM 52 ASTP 53 ASFJ 54 ASFM 55 ASFP 56 IRFM 57 ANFM 58 ANBJ 59 ERFM 60 ASBJ [T&F]e/i(Ta/Fa)-Si 61 ANTM 62 ANTP 63 ERTM [T/S/N]e- 64 IRTM 65 ANFP (plus the original 16, of course) Full Process order of 76 of the types In another type forum discussion, one person, Angelica Graue (following tables courtesy of), started a thread called "76 Types", and actually went and did all the cognitive processes for all but five of the 81 above.