Gdi dating sorority girl

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Gdi dating sorority girl

Do this in all of your classes and you end up with a large group of close friends to shoot the shite with and plenty of phone numbers of potentially date-able chicks.The older they get the more willing to date outside the Greek system..I was in college I dated one for six months. We met my junior year, dated through college, and got married after she graduated.

Think you're going to go to your favorite dive and do shit behind her back on the night she decided to stay in and wax her turd cutter? Nights like these will make you wish your girl was a social pariah.I also had a lot of ideas about what people in Greek life were like. But I went to their parties anyway, because who can complain about free booze and great people watching just because you’re a semi attractive female?Anyway, at one of these parties I was approached by one of the previously mentioned frat guys. Nope, not if I wanted another drink or if I wanted to go “talk” upstairs. He said I looked like I was feeling sick and wanted to make sure everything was alright.I have a goal to shack with one in every sorority before I graduate but I seem to be plateauing in the mid-tier.What can I do to get more sorority girls to fall for me?AKA signs you feel that you don’t belong 80% of the time but smiling and sucking it up for someone you really, really like. Also, can you please talk to us so my friends and I feel included?

Meaning you’re attending every single one of their date parties, formals, philanthropies, or whatever other event that requires you to put on makeup and change out of your sweatpants. But then you remember how awesome it is to be able to party on your own, study on your own, and not have to pay thousands of dollars to listen to girls constantly squeal about god knows what. And then there are frat guys that don’t fit the mold.Most chicks are probably thinking, “A few months, my c*nt. ” But seriously, ladies, we all know broads stab each other in the back when the right amount of charm and good looks comes calling. On an unrelated note, the JC should replace water-boarding. For that first part of the semester — when everyone is all about rush — you are stuck seeing at least three generations of your girl's sorority family.So that means you not only have to endure hanging out with her “little” — who is probably more annoying than an a**hole itch in public — but you have to put up with her chain-smoking, beer-guzzling “big” who, by now, is a disgrace to humanity and has a fupa that doubles as a serving tray.We talked for a while, he got my number, and then made sure I got home safely. He has proven wrong many preconceived ideas I’ve had about frat boys and Greek life in general.Fast forward a few months and that frat guy is now my boyfriend. However, I still am on the outs when it comes to some of their antics, so I decided to compile a list of signs you’re a GDI dating a frat boy. (Read that story here.) After dropping out of recruitment, I was super proud to be a GDI (God damn independent).

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