Cam for chat

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Cam for chat

The Favorites feature is only available with a JMeeting subscription.

These favorites lists will be stored on our servers, to make sure you are able to access them from any computer you use to log in.

: Click and Just Copy and Share this URL with a friend!

Copy and paste the URL below into an email or a chat messenger. As soon as he opens the link you can begin your chat!

This is an easy place to find the people, cams or rooms that you visit most often.

If you have favorites in any of these lists, you can click on the list category to view the items in that list.

Note: Les spécifications produits, techniques ou les informations de dépannage sont sujettes à changement.

Ceci en raison des changements et/ou des mises à jour dans les nouvelles versions du firmware/driver.

Right-clicking (On Mac, Control-Click) on this window will present you with a menu. Here you can find all webcams that are online, divided in “Male”, “Female”, “Couple” and “Others”. If you see a Webcam and you would like to talk to the user, right click (On Mac, Control-Click)their cam picture, and select “Find user”.

It will give you a list of the rooms the person is chatting in.

(Requires Subscription) To add a room to your favorites, right click (On Mac, Control-Click) the room in the room list and, again, select “Bookmark”.

The Chatroom will appear under the “Chat Rooms” list.

Veuillez vous reporter aux dernières notes parues dans la section télécharger pour plus de détails.

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