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In each episode, a deserving family—one who has faced a variety of challenges and setbacks—has their home redone by Pennington and his team of designers with the help of local builders and volunteers.

Pennington himself developed a huge fan following, especially among female viewers, who enjoyed his goofy humor and his handsome appearance. The heart-warming program has been a consistent hit in the ratings, captivating viewers with its strong human interest stories.Yes, today we are getting hold of the manager of Ty Pennington, Andrea Bock and pulling out few secrets of her relationship status and about her married life.Caption: Andrea Bock with Ty Pennington at an event organized by Pathway The television personality is said to have dated the famous television host cum her boss Ty Pennington.Andrea and Ty Pennington spotted together in a function held in Venice Beach, California: Caption: Andrea and Ty Pennington attend the grand opening of ADHD on 15th August 2007 As posted by Humbash, the television presenter was caught cheating with a stripper which had left Andrea completely devastated and heart broken.After the incident, the relation is said to have turned out to be sour which ultimately took the form of break up.Pennington was raised by his mother, a child psychologist.

At an early age, he showed a knack for taking things apart and building new wondrous creations.Wanting to focus on design, he transferred to the Art Institute of Atlanta.Pennington earned a bachelor's degree from the school and then studied art and sculpture at the Atlanta College of Art for a time. One of the show's carpenters, Pennington soon became a nationally recognized star, and released his first home-improvement book.In 2004, he left Born on October 19, 1964, in Atlanta, Georgia, famed television personality and designer Ty Pennington is known for his enthusiasm, creativity and good looks.To support himself, he often worked as a carpenter and also found work as a model.

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